Studio in Hollywood, MD.  Humble, cluttered, but it serves my purpose.

Artist statement& Biography

I was born in Alexandria VA on January 20, 1962.  My family spent a few years in Venice California while my parents finished school, after which we moved to St. Mary’s County Maryland.  I have lived here ever since.


My art education began with my mother, who was an artist, and encouraged me in artistic pursuits.  I attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland in St. Mary’s City, MD and graduated in 1987 with a BA in art.  I was a member of a gallery in the area for a short time after graduation, but family situations made it impossible for me to continue being involved in the gallery, and in art in general.  I started working in art, painting and multimedia, again in the early 2000s and since about 2008 have been working consistently.  I have been involved in Art Fest exhibits, and regional art exhibitions. I have also taken workshops to hone my skills in recent years.


My painting and multimedia work is an extension of my own spiritual, emotional and intellectual life.  I experiment with art to fulfill something that cannot be expressed in any other way.  Memories of places, thought and feelings made manifest through tangible means.  I strive to engage the viewer emotionally in my work. Light, dark, value contrasts and color all evoke a response of some kind.  My goal is to continue to grow, experiment and exist as a painter/creator and to share that experience with others. Inspiration comes from the natural world, which I believe was created by God.  The wind in pine trees, the flight of a birds wing and the shifting shape and colors of clouds all speak to this belief.


I have been interested in art from a very young age.  I was raised in Southern Maryland in rural St. Mary's County on a small horse farm. Nature and living things have always inspired me. I live and raised my family in the same town where I grew up.  I continue to be inspired by the rural surroundings, and the sweet light that exists between two rivers.