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Original, quality paintings by Susannah Hartshorn Lynch, Southern Maryland local artist.  

Showcased are original paintings of landscapes, still life, as well as charcoal drawings.  

Included are original oil paintings, and watercolor paintings.  The art work is produced in my Hollywood, Maryland studio.

All shipping fees are added to the price of the painting.  Shipping fees only apply in the United States

**Sale items may be found on the Shop link**

September Flowers

31 septemberflowers 15.jpg
26 september flowers iii 17.jpeg

Pine Tops

24 pinetop i 17.jpg
14 pinetopII 19.jpeg
19 pine top 3 2018.jpg

Meet the Artist

My painting and multimedia work is an extension of my own spiritual, emotional, and intellectual life.  I experiment with art to fulfill something that cannot be expressed in any other way.  Memories of places, thoughts, and feelings made manifest through tangible means.

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